Dr Sanjay Salunkhe


Dr Salunkhe is unavailable from 16th-30th June 2016
Available to you in Pune at
1. Ruby Hall Clinic             (020-66494949)
2. Inamdar Hospital           (020-66812244)
3. For Pvt Appt, Call/SMS (+91-98220-517-35)

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For other doctors also caring for you

This page shares recent changes that have evolved in managing digestive disease with other doctors in your care; general physicians, doctors involved with your other medical issues (like diabetes, etc.); even the junior colleagues at the hospital who will look after you.Know More...


Your care when admitted indoors

You will need information about how to deal with devices used in your care (like IV lines, catheters, drains, etc.), some do’s and don’ts; as well as information about administrative support in admission, discharge & insurance.Know More...


Standards of assessment and care

The protocols I use to record findings of your condition are available here, for the convenience of junior doctors looking after you with me.Know More...


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